Magical & Otherwise


27 December 2010

Green Pens

This is from Mammy, Patrick's 99 year old grandmother.  
I found the pad complete with the green pen, sitting on top inside her food pantry.


  1. mammy's statement here seems to match perfectly noam chomsky's sentence "colourless green ideas sleep furiously".
    seemingly without any content it bears structure without maintaining some important meaning.
    on the other hand it warns us of all green pens out there.

  2. thanks magical, my viennese english makes the most of every crap idea i think.. imagine that ludwig wittgenstein (my mothers twice removed uncle) had the same language problem starting off teaching in cambridge. but he started style to be important in thought perhaps to camouflage lacks in lingo..
    and also a very happy one for you.
    by the way,i introduced my son carl V to your blog,he was very impressed + start his own soon..