Magical & Otherwise


07 January 2011



  1. nature can also have a sense of humour. or.
    at leastone of practibility for 2 lovers who want to watch the sunset together.

  2. magical, thank you.
    on second thought sunsets and such belong more or less to cowboy couples riding into them (randolph scott did there a great job in his republic series).
    1. use this great branch for the "lovers chicken out game".. the two are balancing on it,try to pass each other several times , this is done during best low as possible key light hour at sunset or - rise you choose.
    if one falls both lose.
    2. the "lie to me" game: both sit on the branch look in different directions and tell the other lies about what they see. the other is supposed to believe in the first place, if your lies grow to be unbelievable you still have the chance to deliver descriptions that bring you back in the race. done only in broad daylight.

  3. brad - its otherwise.
    magical made the pic is the spiritual head of this blog!

  4. It was in the great forest. All the trees grew straight & tall but one. The tall strong straight trees would often berate the little bent tree telling it it was weak & just wrong! Then one day a rumble grew closer & the forest began to fill with men & their machines. Lumberjacks cut down all the straight & strong & tall trees but left the little bent tree alone to get all off the sunlight & all of the rain to itself & it spread it's seed & soon the whole forest began to fill with little bent trees...

  5. sooperpi-and again.. after a number of years the little bent trees grew a little bigger then afterwards a little bigger again.
    and. again the lumperjacks came with all their machinery and cut down all the tall but crooked trees where all the lovers had sat over their last years playing the "lie to me" game and have grown old over that,.. chipped them all in the shredder on the spot, delivered them still warm to the chipboard factory, where they where mixed with gooey glue to produce fine chip boards.
    here ro-lu comes in with their designs for the astute sitter.
    again lovers can sit in their chairs and keep on playing the old game forever.