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08 February 2011

Apologies to the Pigeons

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  1. 1.birds and even chipmunks eat up cigarette butts and lap up pools around discarded thunderbird bottles and become "smokers and drinkers" like humans. living in the lagoon waters near mestre/venice industry warm water outlets become larger and more colorful, some how bloated than the same 100 km down south and are served in the gritti.
    3.insects living near atomic plants grow stonger legs and weaken their wings because flying in a certain height is too dangerous for their species.
    4.10.000 dead in srebrenica were not found till today .
    bosnian mothers tell their kids for a goodnight story still that their uncle maybe now in the catfood can in the is told that during the days of the big massacre the shreddertrucks of whiskas roamed the land busily. 10.000 have vanished, no graves. shredded+processed in various tasty variations- recycled through the cats and dogs intestines, no traces. 10.000 evaporated.
    i call this bergen belsen upgraded.
    and nobody here in europe cares about it with the killers still around.

    and yes.the bags with the glutamated noodles..
    it like food-industries offering more and more products nobody has any use for.. here 50% of the food purchased is discarded, cannot be reycled or is thrown away too,burned whatever.
    no pidgeons.

    our city-pidgeons were sterilized long ago or just poisoned because they loaded off on some mayor or his wife.

    still,m&o,life is beautiful.