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23 April 2012

New York City Valediction

To begin, a sensational send off.
Who says they are going to do a drop off at the airport but then pull into short term parking?
Fortune does just this... 
then buys the beers, while watching baseball together for over an hour.
Some have said the best prescription for a red-eye flight is Ambien.
This combined with the beer, would provide enough sleep and composure 
(or death) 
for the start of a three difficult days...
Not the case.
Sleepy, but never slept for more than half of an hour.
Even the eye mask and earplugs JetBlue sweetly hands out had zero effect on nerves.
The remainder of the flight Animal Planet was watched... without headphones.  
Trust, Animal Planet takes on new meaning without sound.

Touch down and in a train to the city.
The best 7 bucks ever spent.
 Besides, there was time to kill and the leisurely ride provided the spectacle of a baton AND a rose in union.

Closer to destination,
 an offering of some New York City nature.

Crowned only by a rigor mortis rat.

Located City Lounger No. 2

Best friend forever...if forever is just under 2 hours.

One life, 
in nineteen boxes,
sits on a UPS 

Superstar II
First shoes purchased upon arrival twelve years ago.
Four pairs later, serendipitous timing turned this partnership full circle...
and feelings of being a superstar too. 

Shine and love from a little Dove.

A dinner.

A party.

A present.

And then a flight back - home.

Box Bruising
Box Bashing
Many soldiers down.

All abundantly worth it...
magical and otherwise.

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