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05 June 2012


Dreamy is such a sight, I had to post it again.
Beyond this gate sit 10 little bungalows, one of them is mine.

Pathway from the street-

Random wild rose-

Front door- 
(and a personal favorite thing- a front porch light)

Little front porch-

These guys sit outside my front window.
When I came to view the place, they were both tight buds.
As unreal as it sounds, they bloomed the morning after my first night.

Back yard fire pit-

The funniest of the three ponds-

My own painting studio (!!!!!!!)

Sweet new ride-

And it takes me everywhere.
Last time I rode a bike I was 16 years old.
I had forgotten how free and alive one feels on a simple bicycle.
Me...I ride a bike now.

A bottle of champagne from my landlord.
I have excellent landlord karma.

As far as inside home shots, my private nature rules.
 There are a few deemed critical that should be shared:

My front window-

A sensational tub-

And evenings like this.

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