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12 July 2012

Past Life Magical and Otherwise

These are photos of photos.
I was going through old pictures, as one might do when unpacking boxes and attempting to lighten the load / baggage taken on throughout a life journey.
I came across these two photos and realized the Magical and Otherwise was in my bones before the concept of a blog turned up, thus a perfect time to immortalize.

Top photo is from a laundromat in Brooklyn from the the first week I arrived in New York.
Beyond the wonderful concept of "old rubber's rug", the thing that struck me at the time was the perfect English contained within the sign next to my dear-heart ORR sign.
Thankfully it lived there, unedited...for my eyes and heart.

The second is a shot of a building in the Lower East Side four years later.
My friend Madhu and I got sufficiently stoned and went for a early summertime stroll through Manhattan...and then came across this mural.
Honestly, we stared at it for quite some time.
We also entered what seemed like endless fits of laughter over the idea that a canvas scale as large as this, had not a single editor.
 Unsure if we were too stoned to determine that there was a problem with the English language or not,  fortunately I had enough brain to pull out my camera
(yes, a camera that contains film to be developed)
and capture the wall for reference later.
And for my Madhu...for myself,  we were correct to question and were surprisingly less stoned than we had thought.

Amen to our youth, to all of the places we come from.

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