Magical & Otherwise


26 December 2012

Fig Tree Magic

This is the fig tree in my back yard.
It used to be so full one could barely walk around it.
The season's change brought about fallen leaves and a little magical and otherwise for me.
As I sat in the backyard, I spied little things tacked to the inside branches.
I showed all of my neighbors this discovery and not one had a clue of how they arrived.
Strange are each little message, as is the whole unearthing of this treasure.


  1. Wow that is chilling - I hope one day when I am an old lady I remember to post little messages of hope on my trees for someone to find.

    1. Dear FF,

      Live your name- don't wait for an old lady's appearance to post messages of hope if it moves you now...You'll forget.

      Kindest, M and O